Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dungheim runecrafting

To craft a rune in Daemonheim, you will have to have rune essence. This can be gathered from the drops of monsters about Daemonheim. With rune essence in your possession, you can make your way to an altar - one of which is likely to be in the starting room of your dungeon - and convert the essence into your choice of rune. 

The above is a quote from the RS knowledge base. Below this quote there is a table which states how much/little xp you gain when crafting runes. For F2p this is a first: They now can craft member runes, albeit they can only used within the confine of Dungheim.

The table is as follows:

Now, this table is straitforward. You craft a cosmic and you get 1.6 xp per essence crafted.

Eh,..... No.

Craft 1000 essences into cosmics and you will get 160 xp, not 1600. In Jagex's mind 1000 times 1.6 equals 160. I guess this has to do with the fact you craft 10 essences in one go. 

But at least it clarifies the cock-up with 'double xp weekend'. They just don't know how to do easy math anymore. So let me help them along:

1*1=1         1*2=2           1*3=3           1*4=4           1*5=5
2*1=2         2*2=4          2*3=6           2*4=8          2*5=10
3*1=3         3*2=6          3*3=9           3*4=12        3*5=15
4*1=4         4*2=8          4*3=12         4*4=16        4*5=20
5*1=5          5*2=10        5*3=15         5*4=20        5*5=25
6*1=6         6*2=12        6*3=18        6*4=24        6*5=30
7*1=7         7*2=14        7*3=21        7*4=28       7*5=35
8*1=8         8*2=16        8*3=24        8*4=32       8*5=40
9*1=9         9*2=18        9*3=27        9*4=36       9*5=45
10*1=10    10*2=20      10*3=30     10*4=40     10*5=50

Maybe Fnord could take a look at this and correct either his kb article or his formula. Since formulas don't seem to be his strong point, I suggest to alter the kb article: That only involves changing words, not a formula. I think there has been enough trouble with maths since the introduction of Dungeoneering.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dungeoneering, next installment

When I say slayer is a slow skill to level most will nod in complete agreement.

Should you do some calculations it would look like this: For every xp-point gained in slayer you would gain 4 xp points in a combat skill (or combination of skills) and 1 1/3 xp point for Constitution.

Slayer is not the slowest skill anymore, Dungeoneering is... According to RuneMonkey Simple gained 68,725 xp today. Since RuneMonkey does not have the skill added and because it would take the xp amount from high score I needed to do the math.

In other words, from that 68,725 xp I need to deduct the amount gained in all other skills to arrive at the xp-gain for Dungeoneering... I did that... With a staggering result: 778 xp gained...

Or, for every xp-point gained in all other skills I get 0.01145010081386963368507807555889 xp point in Dungeoneering... or I need 87.34 xp in all other skills to gain 1 xp point in Dungeoneering... Staggering, absolutely staggering.

Dungeoneering continued...

"Do not judge an addition to a game until you have experienced it yourself, until you have extensively undergone this addition."

This was a remark a friend of ours made a few years ago when K. was playing another MMORPG, and had problems with an addition to that game. I guess the same applies to me when I am playing RS at this moment. I truly would like to extensively research this new skill.

But up to now one thing is holding me back: I don't get it. Playing both Simple and Gwala has it disadvantages but at the same time one can learn from the other. So after Simple got her level up to 7, Gwala was about to do the same.

The complexity of the dungeons we can master is level 6. This basically means all skills are involved when traversing the room-system. I don't mind that: I will get xp in those skills which will benefit them, mostly this holds true for Gwala. What I still have to figure out if this is really the way to play: It took a staggering 4 hours of play to finally get access to floor four. With that came the amazing amount of 734 xp for Gwala and 726 xp for Simple. That is total xp, not the amount gained during those four hours, mind you.

The funny thing about this: The total amount of xp gained in all but dungeoneering amounts to 33,214 for Simple and 13,886 xp for Gwala. Gwala even got a Runecrafting and a Firemaking level from it.

So I now have a question: Should I keep playing with complexity at level 6? I really have my doubts about it and thus am going to switch to level 1... Combat only.

The other question in the back of my mind: How the hell did I get 13k+ xp with only one dungeoneering level to show for it?

One other thing: There is a basic flaw in the skill: Monsters drop stuff Gwala cannot use... and a lot of it. It took two tries traversing a level three floor to open doors: I do not have the capacity to use green, crimson, and blue charms these critters kept dropping. I need gold ones...The same with seeds, herbs, and secondaries.

Oh, I took one pic to help Slei out: Mining a wall to get a stone in order to carve an item which needed to equip a statue

I forgot something:


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RS 3 has arrived!!!!!!!

Or, RS2 has a new skill.

Dungeoneering it is called. Picture this; enter a closed area where you can't take anything related to all your other  skills, and play a game. A game that will gain you xp in all those other skills I just mentioned. Outside this enclosed area you will NOT benefit from this skill, other than by the rewards bought from the reward trader.

When one fletches an arrow, range will benefit. When one cooks a lobster, cooking will benefit and with the end-product your fighting will become easier, your thieving not as life threatening as it can be now. With mining your smithing will benefit and consequently your combat, as a bar can be turned into armour.

But not with this new 'skill'.

More akin a mini-game, this skill even supports an honest-to-god waiting room... Waiting room??? In a skill???
Within this mini-game skill you will need all your present skills in order to survive, at least that seems to be the case at higher levels. You need to be able to smith your own armour, make weapons, fish for food, farm for food, cook, fletch, you name it all skills are there. You will even get xp in those skills when you use them.

However, since this is not RS3 but RS2, how am I meant to see this new skill?

What can I do with it, when using it in combination with other skills? At level 6 presently, I cannot see anything usefull. To be honest I haven't looked at the rewards yet. But if the knowledge base is anything to go by you will need to buy the effects helping other skills by buying them off the reward guy. And you will need a lot of tokens/money to do so. Money won't be an issue, tokens will be.

I'll reserve the right to review my present opinion of this new mini-gam/skill; I do, however, feel this is more like an introduction to RS3: A new RS where you would need around 105m xp for a skill cape at level 120, you can choose to play as a loner or as a member of a team, where the wild has been abandoned completely, where quests are something completely alien. In other words: Where RS2 will be killed off.

The only thing one needs to do now is to wait till Jagex introduces Classic2

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ranting again

And now the end is near, and so I face...

Well, not exactly. Last week I had seven full days of free, nearly uninterrupted time off, and thus I played a bit more than usual. Of course this yielded some results. I'm chaffed to bits by 73 range (maybe even 74 as I write this before the end of the free-time period). I think I need not explain that range is my favorite combat skill.

Range, however, does have some drawbacks when compared to magic or the melee style of combat. I think I did rant on that a bit before this, but I still don't understand why some people think range is overpowered. As of this moment my combat level is 76, of which three levels are due to 24 summoning. In the olden days the fabled 23-23 hit with a magic short bow was enough to convince the average warrior range was way overpowered. That this combination rarely happened was not taken into consideration, the numbers are there so it has to be true.

Well, not really. You see, where a special attack with a ddp has an increased accuracy, the mage short attack benefits from a decreased accuracy. Not to mention the fact the special bar ends at 4 attacs for the ddp and 2 for the mage short. In all, that fabled 23-23 takes 99 range and a lot of luck.

I'll readily admit the blokes at Jagex towers have changed a bit in favour of the ranger, whether it is enough I don't know.

Most warriors counter any arguement with a number of 'facts': Range is cheap, Range doesn't need food, Range has loads of weapons to choose from at low levels, and a number of other bullshit facts. I'm not going to repeat my counter arguement but: Range isn't cheap, range does need food, and the weapons are limited. Should you be interested you can find it here (a bit dated but still valid).

So, why would I want to bring this subject up again you might wonder. Well, like I said, I've been playing a bit again. And, to me, it looks as if the differences have increased instead of decreased. Little me with 76 combat was given a Lesser Demon assignment. Next to me was a level 78 warrior fighting the same critters with a Godsword. Now, in order to wield said sword he must have had 75 attack, and thus was 2 levels up on me on his highest combat-skill level. So he would be able to kill them faster... But a 3 to 1 ratio? Seems RS is still favoring the warrior.

As is made evident with one other update: Hex crest and Focus sight. Ever made your own slayer helmet? No? The procedure is quit simple, add all available head gear for the slayer into one object. Piece de resistance was the black mask (another warrior item :P).

Now two new items can be added. But not on their frigging own. You NEED to have both to add them to the slayer helmet. For heavens sake, why would a ranger need a black mask added to his helmet? Why would he need a fucking hexcrest? 


Serious Jagex, if you take your game seriously, you better get your combat triangle update out there asap...

Oh one more thing, got past 1200 total. Guess I will get my goal of 1250 before the end of the year :P

Friday, April 9, 2010

A wild goose chase

I guess you could say I am running around runescape like a headless chicken at the moment. Here I was, minding my own business in Tirannwn, happilly killing Elves since Chealdar ordered me to do so. I am one of the types that does what one is told. Number 31 of these warriors was so kind to drop a clue scroll. Since they are level 3 I just had to follow the trail that would lead to great treasure.

The first four steps in the trail went off without a hitch. The next one got me in a bit of bother, and the reason for the headless chicken part. You see, I have to access the Southern part of Karamja, and there is only one way to do that: Hack your way through the jungle separating the 'civilised' part from the legendary part.

Legendary part. For those who didn't get the refference: In order to gain access to said part of Karamja one has to start Legends. And that is where the trouble began.

In order to start a quest one has to meet the requirements of said quest. For legends that means a lot of skills in the 50's area and a few 'must have' quests to boot. Safe to say I do not meet those requirements. Not skill wise, nor quest wise. Hero's quest is one of the req's as is Shilo Village. And I didn't get around doing those 'till today. Hero's I hadn't done because of one big reason: One needs to have a buddy in the opposite gang from the Shield of Arrav quest. Since I am, by nature, somewhat shy to holler for help I haven't gotten around doing it. Now I had to. Charging glories always has been a simple task. Now, for the first time in ages, I looked at Simple's quest list, more specifically Shield of Arrav, and made an astounding discovery: She is in the opposite gang.

Worries over, I set out to collect a Feather, an Eal and a wrist band. The first two were no trouble at all. The third one only marginally harder, courtesy of a 6 year old laptop, not fit to handle the stream of bits and bytes that constitutes Runescape. In the end it was all ok, and I now am able to charge my own glories.

One quest out of the way and one more to go. Shilo Village.That one took a bit longer, much longer actually. When you do something from memory you tend to forget things. The first thing forgotten was a torch, needed to throw down a fissure. Ah well, a quick teleport to Ardougne, a brisk boat ride, a visit to the jungle shop close to Tai Bwo Wannai solved that problem. Notes gathered and back to Truffles... (I know, not his name but close enough) only to find I missed something: The gallows and the corpse hanging down from it. So back to Zahadum, collect corpse, and a visit to Truffles once again. After that Cairn Island and finally Shilo Village was another quest for the books.

So, quest worries over it was time to look at the skill requirements, 52 mining, 50 smithing and 50 crafting are the ones missing. Since I can change my gauntlets to benefit from smelting gold it would only take 523 ores-turned-into-bars to take care of the smithing level. Mining would only need  294 ores to get to 52. Crafting would need 800-something gold amulets to get to the desired level. So a shortcut was needed.

And I found one, two 10k lamps. That is why I am running around like Wyandotte Miracle Mike. I am doing people favours. Small Favours no less.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

55 slayer... but one achievement this day beats all

Yup I got my 55 slayer. So now the Slayer staff, broad arrows and broad tipped bolts are available. As are Kurasks and Turoths. Kurask I like, which is diametrically opposed to the way I feel about Turoth. Yes, they do drop some decent amount of herbs. But its a pain to bank.

Today was also the day Kitt Fox got her well deserved 99 range. Sadly I wasn't there when it all happened. But it is great she got it. So, once again Kitt, Congratulations on a job well done.